2013. Ice Cream Festival 2013, Cluj-Napoca
Festivalul Inghetatei 2013, Cluj-Napoca  

  HIGHLIGHTS: Piata Unirii   Cluj·Napoca / 2013

    <small> 2013.</small> Ice Cream Festival 2013, Cluj-Napoca<br/><span>Festivalul Inghetatei 2013, Cluj-Napoca</span> 2013.

Taste buds are invited to inaugurate summer. Today, in the Union Square, on the occasion of the Ice Cream Festival, the adults are suddenly transformed in children, together with the children that are holding their hands, abandoning themselves to colors and taste. Now that you’ve heard about this festival, don’t you smile like a child?

Papilele gustative sunt invitate sa inaugureze sezonul estival. Astazi, in Piata Unirii, cu ocazia Festivalului Inghetatei, adultii clujeni se transforma brusc in copii alaturi de copiii pe care ii tin de mana, lasandu-se prada aromelor, culorilor si gustului. Acum ca ai aflat de acest festival, nu-i asa ca zambesti si tu ca un copil?